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The club comprises of an elite group of Punch and Judy performers to ensure Mr Punch’s future is as bright and jolly as his centuries old tradition demands. Membership is currently by invitation, and includes some of the world’s finest performers and puppet makers.


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Fans of the traditional Punch and Judy Show can show their support by becoming a Friend of the Punch and Judy Club. This group comprises top historians, collectors, puppet makers and puppeteers.


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Michael Dixon


Archivist British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild


Michael is a keen puppet collector and authority on historical marionettes. He runs the National Puppetry Archive and has been responsible for recreating a number of historical puppet performances.


Dave Barclay




Based in Los Angeles, David been at the cutting edge of animatronic puppetry since 1979. David is a puppeteer, animatronic designer and supervisor, CG key frame animator, and director and producer of animatronic and animation projects for film and television. His iconic screen performances include Jabba the Hutt, Yoda, Sprocket the Dog and Audrey II.


Daniel Hanton




Daniel is an enthusiast of Punch and Judy and keen to keep the traditions alive through documenting shows and events with photography and film. Daniel saw his first Punch and Judy Show on Great Yarmouth beach, and his passion for the show has stayed with him ever since. www.danielhanton.com


Archie Andrews


UK puppet icon


Arguably the most famous ventriloquist doll in the world ironically rose to fame via his radio show, "Educating Archie". The show ran for over ten years throughout the 1950s and regularly attracted an audience of over seventeen million listeners making it the most popular radio show of the decade!



Dorothy Clarke


Seamstress and Bottler


I have been married to Bryan for 54 years and have known him for 57. A young girl of sixteen was introduced to Punch - who did I marry? The Punch and Judy Club is a new adventure in my life, one of many.


Austin Phillips


Puppet maker and performer


Based out of the Portland Maine area, Austin is a builder and restorer of professional ventriloquist figures, and puppets alike. He is a ventriloquial history, and Punch and Judy enthusiast. Austin also performs Punch and Judy occasionally in the States.


Carl Durbin




Carl was a performing Punch and Judy man for almost 20 years. Although he has taken a sabbatical, to concentrate on other theatrical pursuits and hopes to return to performing with Punch again in the future.



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