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Throughout the year Punch and Judy can be seen all over the country at various events and festivals. We will be updating this page regulary with public appearances by our members and their shows.





Sunday 13 May 2018


Celebrating the 356th anniversary of the first sighting of Mr Punch in England by Samuel Pepys in May 1662 with Punch and Judy Professors from all over the country and abroad in the garden of St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, London 10.30am - 5.30pm


Further info from info@alternativearts.co.uk





Date coming soon


A full day of puppetry from all over the world, from Punch and Judy to giant robots. The Whitham Puppet Festival has something for the whole family and is entirely free.


Further info withaminternationalpuppetfestival.co.uk



To our knowledge there are only two semi permanent wooden Punch and Judy theatres that are set up in one spot for the entire Summer - and both are designed, built and performed by two of our CLUB members.


Mark Poulton at Weymouth Beach


May to early September


Show times are at 12 noon and 2.00pm (Sometimes during the school holidays I try to do a 3.30 show too - but this is optional) TBC


Thirty minutes of LIVE entertainment and the cost is still only £1 for adults & children.


Times may vary from day to day, so please check the time board on the day or please feel free to phone me to check times if you are make a special trip to catch a show - 07974 732352. All shows are weather & people permitting. (Weather permitting includes the WIND!) CLOSED ON FRIDAYS


Further info weymouthpunch.co.uk

Richard Coombs at The Heights of Abraham


July to Sept 2018


Mr Punch at 'sea level' is what you naturally expect on a beach , but for a show with its head in the clouds you can try Richards high altitude show in Derbyshire's Peak District.


There is a fee to visit this picturesque Hilltop Park , as first you will have to ride the famous Cable Car to get there. But in the Summer this fee includes two guided tours of the Victorian lead mine 'Caverns' and of course the Punch and Judy show.


2016 will be Richards eleventh consecutive Summer performing up at Heights, and to celebrate the show will include the longest crocodile to be found anywhere in the UK , and quite possibly the world.


Shows every day at 11.30, 1.30 & 3.30pm. TBC


Further info heightsofabraham.com

David Wilde at Crystal Palace Park


July - September 2018


Join David Wilde every Thursday 1.30 and 3.30 during the summer for his Punch and Judy and Magic Show. £1 per person.


Further info londonpunch.co.uk

David Wilde at Kelsey Park


July - August 2018


Join David Wilde every Thursday 2.00 and 3.30 (exclu 29/8) during the summer for his Punch and Judy and Magic Show. £1 per person.


Further info londonpunch.co.uk

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